It’s official; Election Day is two weeks away. You’ve received your voter card in the mail, you’ve carefully reviewed every party’s platforms and you have a clear idea of exactly which candidate you want to vote for on October 19th. Doesn't sound like you? Don’t worry; we can help.

While we can’t tell you who to vote for, we can tell you that it is important to exercise your right to vote. You know you’re basically forfeiting your right to complain about any federal policies if you don’t even cast a ballot, right?, a passion project founded by friends Taylor Peck and Nick Boutelier in 2012, aims to educate and engage voters.

In this quick quiz, you’ll be asked to rate your stance on a series of issues. Once you answer all the questions, you’ll be given a breakdown of which party you side with based on your answers.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to take the quiz and get an idea of what issues are on the table and which party might align with your views.

And once you’ve got your results… Do more research! Check out the party’s websites and see if you really do agree with them. It’s your responsibility to make an informed decision on whom to vote for (and actually get off your butt and put an ‘X’ on a ballot)!