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This Rare Flower That Smells Like A Corpse Is About To Bloom In Toronto For The First Time Ever

The plant can be found on display this week at the Toronto Zoo greenhouse
This Rare Flower That Smells Like A Corpse Is About To Bloom In Toronto For The First Time Ever

The Toronto Zoo is getting ready to showcase their "corpse flower" as it's set to bloom this week for the first time ever and it's already three years ahead of schedule. Seriously, it smells so bad that it will make your eyes water and your stomach turn. The foul-smelling flower has become a popular attraction in the last year with a few already blooming across Canada in 2018. 

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Titan arum is a flower native to Indonesia and while it omits an absolutely terrible stench, the corpse flower actually only blooms every eight to ten years. The Toronto Zoo's flower is actually only five years old, meaning that the first bloom is coming earlier than expected. 

What’s that smell? It’s our corpse flower! For the first time ever at the Toronto Zoo, a corpse plant (Amorphophallus titanium) is projected to start to bloom in the next 2 weeks.

September 4, 2018

Though the plant, dubbed Pablo “Pe-ew” Caso, is young it started flowering which means that it's getting ready to fully bloom and open. It will only be in bloom for eight to 10 hours so the Zoo has already moved the plant for display. 

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We are closely monitoring Pablo’s temperature which was 64.94 degrees Fahrenheit this morning. When blooming, the flower will heat up to 95 degrees F (avg human body temperature is 98.6 degrees). He will continue to monitor the temperature and colour throughout the day.

September 10, 2018

You can find the corpse flower in the Indo-Malaya pavilion at Toronto Zoo and visitors can enjoy extended hours to make sure they can experience the stink the plant offers. 

The titan arum is known to smell like rotting meat but is actually at risk in Indonesia. You can smell it yourself blooms as it's expected to later this week but be warned that it's always stinkiest on the first day! 

Source: CTV News

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