With all the popular Japanese culinary craze floating around like Salmon Oshi, Torched Sushi and Matcha-everything, we have seemed to forget the simple Japanese pleasures of a practical, creative and technologically-advanced conveyor belt sushi.

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In Japan, these witty, rotating conveyor belts exist virtually everywhere and many mainstream chain restaurants utilize this concept to please and impress their customers. 

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In Toronto, there are only very few Japanese restaurants that offer this inventive design, and Fune is one of them! Fune Japanese Restaurant is located in the heart of Toronto, and has been around since the nineties! The management and chefs are committed to creating exquisite Japanese delicacies and an assortment of special maki and fresh sushi rolls. 

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Fune translates to vessel in Japanese, which makes sense because there are plenty of bamboo carved boats that the sushi is served on, rotating across their 50-seat sushi bar. It is also the first thing you see when you walk into this downtown sushi restaurant. 

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Fune Restaurant is one of the only places in Toronto that feature the exciting and creative conveyor belt sushi, a concept made popular in Japan in the early 60's. Located at Adelaide and Simcoe, the restaurant features a full fountain wall that is decorated with ornate flowers and sparkling glass tile. 

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Their adorable boats and revolving sushi bar are certainly one of their main attractions at this restaurant, but there is also a private full dining room for special guests and reservations. In this space, guests can order not only traditional sushi, but other dishes like ramen, udon and shabu shabu cooked table side like a typical Teppanyaki restaurant.

There are two covered plates per boat (two pieces of sushi per plate) that rotates across the conveyor belt, and the plates range from $2.50 to $6.50 each. If you want to play it safe, you can order off their menu at the bar as well!

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Their vegetable tempura is $4.95 and is probably the best price per portion on Fune's menu. At the conveyor belt, they serve classic rolls like Spicy Salmon Roll with Crunchy Tempura, BBQ Eel with Avocado Doused in Sweet Kabayaki Sauce and Salmon Nigiri. They also serve high-end and high-grade Uni Sushi (2 pieces) for only $7! That is probably the best price of Uni that can be found in the downtown Toronto area.

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There is definitely something strangely nostalgic and comforting about a sushi spot that has been in business as long as Fune has, with the way restuarants are constantly changing in Toronto.  

Fune is open for lunch from Monday to Friday between 1130am and 230pm, and dinner starting at 5pm. They are closed for lunch on weekends, but serve dinner at 5pm. 

For more info, please visit their website.