There are still 153 days until Christmas, but those who can't wait that long can head over to Port Colborne, where a fun-filled festival of lights will get you into an early holiday spirit.

Every year, the town hosts Canal Days in honour of the historic Welland Canal, which runs through the town to connect Lake Ontario to Lake Erie. Residents of Port Colborne gather together to participate in the line-up of exciting events, which include a variety of concerts, live shows, fun challenges, lighthouse and museum tours, boardwalk activities, the 'Taste of Canal Days'  and much more.

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The main attraction of the festival is the Boat Parade of Lights, during which upwards of 20 boats will sail down the Welland Canal. Hosted by Sugarloaf Sailing Club and presented by Canada Steamship Lines, the boats are adorned with colourful lights and decorations, making it feel like Christmas in August.

The night ends with an epic fireworks display to light up the night sky, with specially designed fireworks to ensure a big and bright show that will be one to remember.

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"Nothing can be more exciting than watching a storm of colours light up the skies during a fireworks show," reads the Canal Days event page.  It’s a family tradition — a memory of when you were young. It’s also about bringing kids and parents together in that one magic moment when everyone leaves their cares behind."

Plan your visit to Canal Days, which starts this August 3! See the full schedule for Canal Days here.