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This Scenic Lookout Near Toronto Is The Perfect Spot To View The Fall Colours

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year, there's no denying that. The air becomes crisp and fresh, so we trade in our t-shirts for knitted sweaters. There's a faint smell of cinnamon at all times, and all the leaves on the trees turn to brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow! 

That's truly the best thing about the fall season - the colours! It's an actual daytime activity to just go out and look at the colours of fall. There's even a name for it - leaf peeping. 

One of the best spots to go leaf-peeping in Ontario is at Dundas Peak, just outside of Toronto. This lookout is known for its sweeping views of the lush forests in the area. But, in the fall, it truly becomes magical! 

Dundas Peak is located in Dundas, Ontario which is just outside of Hamilton. It's a super short 1-hour drive from Toronto, 5 hours from Ottawa, 3 hours 20 mins from Kingston and 1.5 hours from London. 

The stunning Dundas Peak lookout is located inside the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area, which is also home to the stunning Webster and Tew's waterfalls! There's a 3.9 km hiking trail that takes you to the peak's lookout point, but it's not too challenging if you're not an avid hiker. 

This trail will also take you past the Tew's waterfalls on the way back, but unfortunately, the Webster Falls are closed this season. The lookout peak is reason enough to make the trip this fall because the views of the colourful leaves are honestly breathtaking! 

There is an entrance fee of $5 to hike up to the peak and a parking fee of $10. This hike is 100% worth the trip to Dundas, Ontario this fall to get your hike on and take some stunning pictures to prove that you accomplished it! 

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