If you’re desperately in need of some R&R, a trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake would be worth your while. Located within the town is a charming spa resort that’s absolutely perfect for a weekend of peace and tranquility.

100 Fountain Spa is a resort in Ontario that features 13,000-square-feet of beautiful wellness facilities and and luxury amenities. A stunning interior, plethora of pleasurable spa treatments and delectable cuisine can all be found here. 

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Undoubtedly the main feature of the spa is its gorgeous outdoor hot springs grotto, which is decorated with stone accents, green plants and elegant woodwork. The water is heated to an optimal temperature and there’s also a waterfall to complete the ambience.

Also at the spa is an indoor saltwater pool, a heated outdoor pool, a fitness centre and a manicure/pedicure salon that you’ll also have access to with your reservation.

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As for spa treatments, guests can choose from a variety of nourishing services, including vino wraps, energizing scrubs and aromatherapy massages. Though the treatments are a bit on the pricier side, they’re guaranteed to alleviate all of your stresses.

Spa day packages start at $145 per person, and include 50 minute relaxation massages, reflexology sessions and, of course, access to spa facilities. For more information, please visit. Vintage-Hotels.com.