One of the coolest places to go swimming in North America is just a short four-hour drive from Toronto, and it's well worth the road trip.

Robert Treman State Park in upstate New York is a 1,072-acre wonderland brimming with rugged beauty and scenic terrains. It's a popular place to explore in the summertime due to its a great collection of woodland trails that showcase the awesome beauty of the surrounding glen. 

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Throughout the area, there are several natural wonders to see, including old limestone cliffs, surging rivers, rocky alleyways and roaring waterfalls. All of these can be accessed through the park's network of stone bridges and staircases.

In the lower section of the park, there's an incredible swimming hole that has its very own 70-ft tall cascade waterfall. The entire area is hugged by towering limestone cliffs, which makes it feel somewhat like a hidden paradise. Visitors can swim beneath the falls in the pool of water below, which is always monitored by lifeguards on duty. There's even a diving platform that swimmers can jump off of for an extra thrill.

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Because there's so much to explore at the park, visitors may be looking for a place to stay overnight. Just 30 minutes away, accommodations can be found at Catharine Cottages, which offers affordable rentals for one- or two-night stays.

Plan your trip to Robert Treman State Park today! For more information, visit the park's official website.