Toronto is a great starting point for road trips. Not only is it close to several natural parks, small towns and trendy cities, it's also near the Canada-United States border, which opens up even more possibilities for exploration.

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One place that's worth visiting this summer is the Watkins Glen State Park. Located just four hours from Toronto by car, the park is one of the most prized destinations in the state of New York, known for its natural beauty and scenic atmosphere.

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The glen was formed when glaciers from the Ice Age deepened the Seneca Valley, causing an increase in water flow into the area from nearby tributaries. The rapids began to shape the area, leaving behind beautiful rock cliffs and cascading waterfalls.

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A main Gorge Trail winds in and around the entire gorge, allowing explorers to take in the surrounding sights. Along the way, there are stone staircases, 200-foot forested cliffs, viewing areas, small cave tunnels and over 19 waterfalls to check out, and they all offer great opportunities for photos. 

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Branching out from the Gorge Trail are smaller paths that lead to other points of interest, including camp sites, swimming pools, picnic areas, fishing spots and outdoor activity centres.

Whether you're looking for a fun day trip or an overnight affair, the Watkins Glen State Park is the perfect destination to visit.

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Plan your road trip to Watkins Glen State Park today!