I think we can all agree that after the long, cold winter that we just went through we all could use a little outdoor R&R. It's been so long since we've felt the warm sun beat down on our faces, walked outside without shivering in the -20 degree winds, and appreciated the beauty of nature. 

But spring is finally here and summer is right around the corner so we can finally get outside and really take advantage of the warmth to come. There's something about hiking that allows you to get so close to nature and this hiking trail is one of the best! 

There's a stunning hiking trail in Vermont that will take you through the ancient Willoughby State Forest and give you breathtaking views! 

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Willoughby State Forest spans a whopping 7,682 acres across 3 towns and two counties! You can imagine how massive this forest is to hike. The most spectacular sight in this forest is Lake Willoughby. 

Lake Willoughby is one of the deepest lakes in the US and it's a bright turquoise colour that literally looks like somewhere in the Caribbean! If you follow the trail to Mount Pisgah you'll get the best view from above of this stunning sight.

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Mount Pisgah isn't the only summit you can hike in this forest though, there's also Mount Hor and the highest peak, Bald Mountain, sitting at an elevation of 3,315 feet! 

There's over 12 miles (19.3 km) worth of hiking trails throughout the forest that will take you past ponds, swamp conservation areas, unobstructed forest views and so much more. 

To drive to Willoughby State Forest in Vermont it will take about 7.5 hours from Toronto, 4 hrs 13 mins from Ottawa and 5 hours from Kingston. It's definitely ideal for a weekend trip out to the beautiful state of Vermont this summer! 

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Check out the website for more information.