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This Stunning Ice Cream Shop In Toronto Has Literally Everything You Could Want And More

There is no shortage of amazing ice cream shops to choose from in Toronto and now that Spring is here you can eat as much ice cream as your little heart desires! 

Treat yourself to a delicious sweet bowl of happiness this Spring to celebrate the warm weather that's about to come our. But if you're looking for an ice cream shop that doubles as an Insta-worthy playground for adults, Labsense Ice Cream is the place for you! 

Labsense Ice Cream is located at 526 Yonge St near the Church and Wellesley area. Their specialty is liquid nitrogen ice cream that literally looks like your ice cream cup is on fire! 

But their crazy ice cream creations aren't the only reason you should check out this shop. They also have some seriously fun and Instagram-worthy things in their store like their wall made out of roses, adorable and cozy swing sets, and a multi-coloured ball pit! 

Some of the amazing ice cream flavours you can try right now include tiramisu, matcha, triple chocolate, strawberry cheesecake, sea salt caramel, yuzu orange and vanilla! Their menu usually changes month to month but these are the ones they're offering right now.

But ice cream isn't the only liquid nitrogen snack they have on their menu, they also serve liquid nitrogen Cheetos that literally look like flaming orange puffs! 

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Check out their website for more information. 

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