H&M Home has some serious competition!

VdeV, a Montreal based furniture and home accessories boutique, is opening an all-new branch in Toronto.

This store, originally located on Saint-Laurent boulevard, is one of my favourites in Quebec. They have the cutest stuff for your home, from furniture, lighting, bedding to home accessories and rugs.

All their stuff has a vintage industrial vibe, perfect for a minimalist loft decor! They will sell all the same items available in Montreal (you can check out their website to get a feel!), but are planning to introduce some new features that will be exclusive to the Toronto store.

The boutique will open officially on April 28th on the Ossington Strip (120 Ossington Ave).

Photo cred - jennbartoli

Prices vary from one item to another. The decorative items are pretty cheap ($10-$20), but furniture and fixtures cost more ($60-$1700).

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