Fall is the season that we all crave a good scare, especially with Halloween on it's way. Whether that means heading out to the theatre to watch the newest horror movie, walking through a teriffying haunted house or going ghost hunting at the nearest haunted location there's plenty of ways to get scared this fall. 

One of the best places to go if you want a good scare is Survive The Night in Mississauga, Ontario. It's Canada's largest and only Escape Village and it combines the real life terror of haunted houses and the clever problem solving of escape rooms to make a seriously fun activity! 

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Survive The Night is located at 1100 Courtneypark Drive East and it's the perfect activity for you and your friends to try out this Halloween! It's the first escape adventure of it's kind and it will take you through multiple secret rooms, through passageways, haunted houses and so much more. They have 3 different escape adventures to choose from that sound seriously scary, especially because they have live actors set out to get you in each of them. Plus, you only have a single lantern to guide you through the rooms. 

The Curse of Edemarah Village will take you through 6 different rooms, passageways and alleys as you try to lift the curse of a witch from years ago. The Pits of Embermoore is the most intense escape adventure, where you enter an underground maze-like mining facility with a zombie that haunts the caverns. Finally, The Descent into Zatra's Tomb that will take you through a maze-like crypt through different burial chambers that are terrorized by vampire cults! 

I mean, if those don't sound like super scary adventures to you, I don't know what will! Survive The Night is probably the best escape adventure ever created and the largest one of it's kind so you know you're in for some extra surprises waiting for you that aren't included on the website. 

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The best part about the Survive The Night adventures is that they're super affordable! For each of the adventures to choose from, each player only has to pay $30. The maximum players is 12 and the minimum is 6, unless you want to play with others and then the minimum is 2. 

Each terrifying escape adventure lasts 1 hour and will take you to an entirely new world that you'll want to escape as fast as possible. It's perfect for a work event, a birthday party or just for a fun night out with friends! 

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Check out their website for more information.