If you're an avid cafe-goer and love the thrill of finding a new spot that not a lot of people know about, then get ready to have your socks blown off. We've found arguably one of the best cafes in the city, and once you see the pictures you'll know why. 

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Is that a tiny house painted bright blue and converted into a cafe? Yes. Is that an entire wall made out of books? Yes. Is that a hammock in their backyard patio? Yes.

This cafe is pretty much the most quirky and adorable thing EVER, and it's bound to become your next stop for that morning cup of joe or for planting yourself with your laptop for a couple hours to work. 

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The book wall itself is definitely the most impressive thing inside, and it also makes for the perfect Instagram. All of your friends will be wondering where the heck it is and will be super jealous that you found it first. 

The next best part about the place is the backyard. In their little patio around back you will immediately feel like you're in the suburbs rather than downtown Toronto. It's complete with picnic tables, greenery, and an amazing hammock that will seriously up the quality of your cafe-going experience. 

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Nestled within the super cool neighbourhood of Kensington, FIKA Cafe is your next destination for coffee and breakfast with friends. They're located at 28 Kensington Ave, and are open from 10 am - 6 pm daily. 

Discover this hidden gem for yourself before it's not-so-hidden anymore!