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This Toronto Airbnb Is Secretly Filming Guests With A Hidden Camera And The Story Is Terrifying

A Scottish couple were visiting Toronto when they realized their Airbnb is watching them.
This Toronto Airbnb Is Secretly Filming Guests With A Hidden Camera And The Story Is Terrifying

Vacations are supposed to be the opposite of stressful, they're meant to allow you to enjoy some time to yourself and let you relax. For one couple visiting Canada that relaxation was cut short when they realized they were being spied on. 

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A Scottish couple were spending a few days in Toronto and had booked an Airbnb to stay in instead of a hotel room, as many of us do. The couple had a busy day and we're looking forward to relaxing in their rental home before things took a strange twist for the worse. 

Dougie Hamilton shared the story on Facebook about the incident that occurred last Thursday on September 5th. While his girlfriend Taryn went to grab Starbucks after a long day, Hamilton noticed something funny about an alarm clock that was sitting in their Airbnb. 

He said in the post that only a few days earlier, he had seen a video online about items that had tiny cameras in them. He listed off things such as pens, buttons and teddy bears, but also included clocks, which is what set off his "spidey sense."

Via Dougie Hamilton l Facebook

Since the unit Hamilton and his girlfriend were staying in was an open concept layout and didn't have a private bedroom, he started to question if the clock was being used to monitor visitors who were staying in the rental. 

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After debating whether or not he should actually investigate the clock, Hamilton decided that it would be better to ease his mind rather than wonder if they were being watched all night. He described this thought process as a five to ten-minute turmoil that was almost "the demise of his mental state."

Via Dougie Hamilton l Facebook

Hamilton hilariously added in his post that at this time his girlfriend had returned with the coffee and was asking him questions. Due to the spiraling going on about the mysterious clock, the Scottish tourist was not paying attention and instead obsessing over "what if."

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That's exactly what pushed Hamilton to unplug the clock and slide off the face covering on the clock. Of course, his suspicion was right and he saw a camera on the left side of the clock beside the digital number display. 

Via Dougie Hamilton l Facebook

In the comments of his Facebook post, Hamilton confirmed that the couple was planning on reaching out to both the Toronto Police and Airbnb. He also said that while the pair first took the discovery lightly, the longer they thought about it the more upset they became about the situation. 

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Hamilton later stated that Airbnb ended up reimbursing the Scottish tourists for their booking and set them up in a nearby Toronto hotel instead. 

Via Alibaba

He also confirmed the exact model that was found in his rental unit in the comments. You can see an image of the same model photographed above. The clock hooks up to Wifi and allows the owner to monitor live footage that's being recorded. 

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The Airbnb renter clearly used this as security for their property but in an open concept unit, it looks quite perverted. 

While this incident is super creepy, Airbnb did the right thing by setting up these guests in a hotel. 

Next time you're in a rental unit, you may want to be on the lookout for any secret cameras that could be hiding. After all, it looks like you can never be too careful, even in Canada. 

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