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If you drive, you'll know that the cooler weather we're facing means one thing: tire-changing season is fast approaching. Sure, snow may not have hit the roads yet, but as we all know, fall is — like any other Canadian season —unpredictable. And you don't want to wait until you hit that first patch of black ice to install your winter tires.

If you're not changing them yourself, you'll need to book a mechanic — but finding an appointment that fits your schedule can be tedious, and it's often hard to find a reliable garage. In a time of apps upon apps upon apps, doesn't it feel a little archaic that we can’t just go on a dedicated app, find a bunch of auto shops close by, see how much the service will cost, schedule an appointment, show up with the mechanic ready for the service, and be on our way?

Well, our prayers have been answered because such an app does exist, and it's available to anyone in the GTA and Hamilton area!

The BUKL app is your new best friend when it comes to maintaining your car. All you have to do is enter your car info and the service you need to get instant quotes from shops in your area. Not sure which shop is best? You can also see how others have reviewed them. Sort by price, reviews, or distance!

Once you've found the right spot, you can schedule an appointment at a guaranteed price immediately. Then, just bring your car to the shop to have it serviced and once the work is done, drive away! You're automatically charged for a seamless and easy experience.


And if you've ever had a shady experience with a mechanic before, don't worry, that won't be your experience with BUKL. The Toronto-based company vets all shops based on the following criteria, so you always know you're in good hands:

  • Must be a properly insured business
  • Must have been operating for 6 months or longer
  • Must provide warranty on parts and or services
  • Must have fair pricing and provide good customer service

And for winter tires, there's no better choice! BUKL has partnered with NTD (National Tire Distributors), the largest tire distributors in North America, to be able to allow app users to pick the new tires they want and select from one of over 150 locations in the GTA and Hamilton to install them. Users can also book seasonal tire changes at one of over 150 auto shops through BUKL without the purchase of new tires.

BUKL 01680-BUK

BUKL also offers quotes for oil changes, brakes, tire rotation, vehicle safety inspection, alignment, and, if you have no idea what's wrong with your car, diagnostics!

Visit the BUKL website to book a tire change near you or download the app on iOS and Android iOS! You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook.