This Toronto Artist Makes Mind Blowing Portraits Using Just Glitter And Glue

Celebs love her work.
This Toronto Artist Makes Mind Blowing Portraits Using Just Glitter And Glue

If it's one thing the Olympics have confirmed (not like we already didn't know this), it's that Canada has some insanely talented people living here. From athletes to inventors we keep things cutting edge. Now there are some talents that are so unique you have to wonder - HOW DO THEY DO IT?!? A perfect example of that can be seen with glitter artist Alexa Trilli - better known as just TRILLI. 

Born and raised in Toronto and a graduate from Ryerson University, the Film Studies major got her start 15 years ago creating her very own glitter tattoos (way before Coachella made them trendy). Then about 3 years ago she stepped it up to create some works of art you won't believe actually are done by hand. 


When asked how to creates her unique portraits, TRILLI says, "I start with a concept, or a photo. Then I sketch it onto wood panel or canvas. I use a bottle with glue and a small nozzle, and draw out my outlines, add loose glitter on top and let it dry."

Then adding, "I do sections with different colours... that's sort of the basic steps. Then it gets more complicated when I start doing more intricate shading and detailing. A lot of it comes down to 1) 'glitter control' for when I pour colours together and get them to blend a certain way, and 2) being able to precisely gauge glue drying time."

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Each portrait requires painstaking attention to detail, with each different colour being added one at a time. One single portrat can take up to 50 hours and that's why TRILLI books clients at least 2-3 months in advance. So when we asked why she only uses glitter (since it requires so much work), she responded saying, "I've been enjoying working with glitter because there are no rules for it and it's fun to challenge myself with no limits."

TRILLI's exclusive luxury work hasn't just dazzled her 24k followers on instagram, she's also pulled some pretty big name celebrity clients. She's recently curated a piece for Paris Hilton, but has in the past worked with Drake, Winnie Harlow, Karina Smirnoff (DWTS), Kirk Hammett (Metallica), Nick Viall (The Bachelor). 

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Much like many millennial business owners, TRILLI operates on Instagram to promote her work (a little on Facebook and YouTube as well). She says that in order to get a personalized commissioned piece you first need to reach out with your specific wishes and a photos of what you want to have created. She'll then email you back a quote on pricing, then once a deposit is made she'll get started on your portrait. And while we're lucky to have her here locally in Canada, she does ship worldwide. 

When it comes to pricing she says, "I don't publicly price my artwork because it varies so much depending on the details of each project. Pricing is not just based on the size of the canvas. There is a huge range for what I'm creating for custom projects, but some of my already completed artworks that are currently available for sale, ranges $500-$2000."

So while it might not be the cheapest decor piece in your home, it'll definitely be the most beautiful. 

For more information about TRILLI and her work, check out her website