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This Toronto Bake Shop Serves Up Some Of The Most Iconic Desserts In The City

Just because the weather is warming up doesn't mean you can't still enjoy some sweets or comfort food! Luckily for you Toronto hosts the best excuse to have a cheat day- Nutella pop tarts.

Nope- we aren't kidding and the good news doesn't end there. The pop tarts aren't exclusive and are only one of the many Nutella themed treats this Toronto bake spot hosts- yea our mouths are already watering too. 

The spot that hosts the incredible treats is called The Rolling Pin, and while their World Nutella Day celebration is long gone, that doesn't mean that aren't still whipping up new creations with the well-loved ingredient! They've got Nutella Bomb and Nutella Party flavoured donuts to add to their roster as well as insane donut cakes you can customize for yourself! 

Apart from all things Nutella, The Rolling Pin also serves up tons of other options. You can grab macaroons, cupcakes, sugar cookies and bars of all sorts- the list is endless and there are tons of different flavours to choose from. Plus they've just released mini egg brownies in preparation for Easter! 

To get in the know on what their daily menu will be offering as well as other tasty options to get excited for you can check out their website here

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