Eva’s Original Chimneys is a food truck that specializes in Hungarian pastries, otherwise known as Chimney Cakes. All of their Chimney Cakes are made from vegan dough and are baked, not fried. While their usual menu includes items like the sweet and savoury Chimney Cakes, the traveling bakery has recently launched their Chimney Cones.

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As explained on their website, creating one of their Chimney Cones is a long, delicious process. "We bake our Chimneys into a cone shape, coat them with organic cane sugar and cinnamon, fill with real-cream soft serve (or coconut whipped cream for a vegan option) and then offer a few different, delicious toppings like local berry compote, organic cocoa drizzle and even a homemade salted caramel brownie."

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Though the Eva's food truck doesn't run too much in the winter, that doesn't mean you can't get your fix of Chimney Cones. Eva's Original Chimneys will be opening their first store location this Sunday at 454 Bloor Street West.

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