Imagine no guest list. No sparklers or elitism. Just good times, good drinks and most importantly - incredible snacks. 

The Libertine is launching a brand new accompaniment to your favourite liquors - amazing imported snacks and alcohols. From Pocky sticks and Flaming Hot Cheetos to Fourth of July Oreos and Trix. The bar's also offering up unexpected, but welcome chasers, like Arizona Iced Tea and limited edition pop-favourites. 

Known for their speakeasy vibes and effortless cool, it doesn't surprise us at all that The Libertine just cooked up the best idea to get people through the doors. This basement bar has been occupying a prime spot in Little Portugal for a couple years and has yet to disappoint with their incredible whiskey sours, intimate booths and old-school vibes. 

To truly take advantage of this great moment in nightlife history, be sure to stop by The Libertine at 1307 Dundas Street W very, very soon. 

via @thelibertinetoronto