There are some people who say margaritas are drinks that are only to be enjoyed in the summer. Well, I call those people “wrong”!  Everyday is a good day for a margarita, and there’s one place in Toronto that truly understands that.

Reposado is a staple bar in Toronto that is much more than just your average Mexican bar. It is the city’s go-to spot for tequila, with over 130 different premium varieties sitting on its shelves. A selection like that should be enough to convince you that it makes killer margaritas, which are always made with fresh lime.

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You can choose whichever tequila to mix into your margarita, however, if you’re new to agave-based spirits, you could always ask your server for suggestions, as they are all well-versed in the bar’s tequilas.

You’ll enjoy your margaritas (yes, plural) in an intimate setting that consists of a seated bar area, patio, cozy table room and live jazz and swing music.

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Aside from the margaritas, Reposado also boasts an amazing tapas menu that features mouthwatering options like picante crab cakes and mini empanadas. They also have a selection of wines and beers on tap, if you’re more in the mood for those.

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If you want to get your margarita fix, or are simply looking for a laid-back place to hang out with friends or coworkers after a long day, Reposado on Ossington is the perfect place to go!

Reposado is located at: 136 Ossington Ave (