The Ontario college strike is officially over, and that means exams are back in full swing.

While everyone else is Christmas shopping and drinking boozy eggnog, Toronto students are nose-deep in books, stress and plenty of regret. And forget about trying to find a quiet place to study - libraries are full, home is noisy, and every Starbucks in town is full.

As every student, freelancer and entrepreneur knows, sometimes getting work done is completely dependent on the space you're working in. So how do you find a coffee shop in Toronto with a quiet space to work and electrical outlets at every seat? Well, one place has you covered.

via @workwellcafe

For those looking to buckle down, get shit done and meet like-minded people, Workwell Café, a new workspace next to Clarence Square Dog Park is "purpose-built for productivity," according to its website. 

It's the perfect place for people who are easily distracted: they have lightening fast WiFi, plugs at every seat and incredible. Best yet, they have a pay as you go concept that you can actually afford.

Workwell has communal tables, semi-private booths and group tables available for hire starting at $2. They also have 'pre-buy' hours - from five to 80 hours - for those days you know will be extra busy. Or, you can just show up and work. It's pay as you go and commitment-free. 

via @workwellcafe

And the cafe isn't limited to just work professionals. Freelancers, students, entrepreneurs and people who just want to get stuff done can work here too.

You can find Workwell's co-working space at 49 Spadina Avenue, Suite 100. The cafe's hours are currently 9am-8pm Monday to Friday, though they're looking to start opening on weekends soon.