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This Toronto Cafe Serves Massive Funnel Cakes In The Craziest Flavours

Carnival treats all year round!
This Toronto Cafe Serves Massive Funnel Cakes In The Craziest Flavours

When you think of summertime during your childhood I'm sure the memories of spending a day at Canada's Wonderland or other amusement parks come up pretty frequently. As kids we lived for those days where we could ride the biggest roller coasters, win stuffed animals on the midway and eat so much junk food we couldn't even walk.

When you imagine all the junk food you ate at the amusement park I'm sure funnel cakes were a big one. Deep fried dough topped with powdered sugar, ice cream and other toppings like candies and fruit. You really can't get any better than that as a kid! But as we grew up we definitely didn't lose our love for amusement parks and funnel cakes that's for sure. 

There's a cafe here in Toronto that serves massive funnel cakes in the craziest flavours that you absolutely need to try this summer! The best part is you don't have to buy a ticket to Canada's Wonderland to get this delicious treat. 

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Funnel Cake Express is located at 8 Wellesley St E right near downtown in Toronto's Church & Wellesley area! They started out as a food truck touring around the city serving up their sweet treats and now they finally have a location where you can indulge in funnel cakes all year round! 

While being able to buy a funnel cake any time of the year in the middle of downtown is pretty amazing it's the crazy flavours of funnel cakes that this spot serves that makes it so unreal! They serve 3 different signature flavours: Steam Engine, Locomotion and Bullet. In addition to those 3 flavours they have a monthly special flavour that is always changing and is always so unique! 

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Their Steam Engine Funnel Cake is sprinkled with cinnamon and icing sugar, and drizzled with your choice of sauce. Their Locomotion Funnel Cake is topped with the same as the previous as well as strawberries. Their Bullet is topped with all of the toppings their other 2 funnel cakes have plus candy toppings and your choice between 8 different soft serve flavours! 

Their monthly specials are really what draws the crowds though. Some of their most recent creations include cinnamon bun funnel cake, ferroro roche funnel cake, lucky charms funnel cake, strawberry cheesecake funnel cake, Reese's pieces funnel cake and so much more! 

Funnel cakes aren't the only delicious carnival dessert they serve here. They also serve deep fried mars bars, twinkies and butter, twisters, funnel cake fries, deep fried oreos and so much more! They're always coming up with something new to deep fry that is so delicious. 

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Check out their website for more information. 

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