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This Toronto Cannabis Company Will Pay You $50 Per Hour To Literally Smoke Weed

Make $50 an hour to get baked as a cake even if you don't live in Toronto.

With cannabis becoming legal in Canada in just under a months time, jobs within the newly legalized sector are growing at an insanely fast rate. Now that cannabis, known as marijuana, pot, or weed has been legalized, everyone is turning to the experts. 

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That's right, they're asking for help from stoners. No one knows the weed industry better than the customers who were using it when it was running on the black market. 

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AHLOT Cannabis is a company that operates out of Toronto, Ontario and is now looking for a Cannabis Connoisseur to join a committee up to six fellow smokers. These folks would make up the CCC, the Cannabis Curation Committee, and would be lucky enough to make $50 an hour to try different strains of weed. 

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A member of the CCC would just have to work a few hours a week, meaning this bonus money is on the side of your existing job. What you do get to do is write social media posts, give your opinion on each type of cannabis you try, appear in video pieces on the products, and possibly even attend some company events. 

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You do, of course, have you be over 19 years of age to apply but anyone in Canada can actually put in their resume for this position. 

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The application asks a simple questionnaire that tests your knowledge and previous smoking habits. Assuming that they would want a well-rounded committee, anyone is welcome to apply so long as their above the legal age of 19. 

So what are you waiting for? Apply to become a cannabis connoisseur and get paid for something you already do in your spare time! At $50 bucks an hour (plus free weed), this job is definitely not your average gig. 

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