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This Toronto College Is Giving Away $15,000 In Scholarships To Jump Start Your Career

It's time to go after your dreams!

Guys, real talk: finding a career you LOVE - and that loves you back - is a huge struggle.

The good news is that everyone's in this struggle together. It seems like whether you're a new university graduate, or whether you're already years-deep in a career, getting your foot in the door of a fresh, fun and interesting challenge is a universal issue.

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But thanks to one Toronto school, launching a fun new career that you'll love is actually NOT a struggle anymore!

RED Academy is a brand new college located in Toronto, with campuses in Vancouver and London, England. They focus on teaching their students different hands-on skills to deal with today's ever-expanding digital economy (like teaching classes dealing with JavaScript and Facebook adverts), with diplomas majoring in Digital Marketing, UX & UI Design and Web & App Development.

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With very short semesters (ranging from 12-24 weeks full-time!) and projects working on real-world clients - which beefs up their students' portfolios - taught by industry professionals, RED Academy makes sure to teach their students exactly what they need to know in order to hit the ground running when it comes to finding a job.

In fact, they promise to work with students until they find employment in their chosen field by providing support from advisors, career coaching, and exclusive networking events!

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Sounds good? Well, it's about to get a whole lot better.

This year, RED Academy is giving away several 'Impact' Scholarships worth up to $15,000. What a great wat to get a kickstart on your career.

The RED Academy 'Impact' Scholarship applies to 3 different diplomas: the Digital Marketing 'Grow The Good' Scholarship, the UX/UI 'Design Your Impact' Scholarship and the Web Developer 'Code Your Future Scholarship'.

So if you're looking to start off your career life in any one of these digital industries, or even if you're an experienced working stiff looking to completely switch up your job path and step into the constantly expanding worlds of digital marketing, UX/UI design, or web development - then you're in luck!

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And the best part is that it's ridiculously easy to win the scholarship! All you need to do is answer one simple question, either with a 500-1000 word write-up, or through a simple 60 second YouTube video. I mean, things really can't get easier than that TBH. 

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RED Academy Impact Scholarship are awarded based on merit and on a rolling basis until November 17th - basically, once they're gone, they're gone so don't miss out on this opportunity! And in case you needed a little more convincing to get on this awesome opportunity? Here's what Jill Dickieson, 'Impact' Scholarship winner for RED Academy’s UX Design Program, had to say about the opportunity:

“I wanted to pivot my career into UX Design - RED Academy pairs you with real clients which gives you credible work experience to help you transition into a new career. RED has helped me discover the path I need to take to get where I want to be. Winning the Impact Scholarship has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me.”

Honestly, any school that focuses on building their students' portfolios, and collaborating on real world situations with an approach that's hands-on and taught by industry professionals is pretty ace.

But the fact that RED Academy is ALSO giving away up to $15,000 in scholarships in order to take on one of their signature 12- 24 week full time programs and jumpstart your career in the super fascinating world of digital tech? Well, that's just straight-up awesome

To apply for RED Academy's 'Impact' Scholarship, check out the official website right here. And for more information on RED Academy, check out their website, Facebook and Instagram page!