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This Toronto Event Will Make You Feel Like You Are In Australia

Get your travel fever on.

It’s official: winter's over, and we’re already itching to travel and get out of Toronto. Go figure. If the land down under is on your travel radar for 2017 (hint: it should be), you need to check out this Toronto event to get a taste of Australian cuisine, coasts and culture. There will be Aussie wine, espresso and experts who know all the coolest places to see.

Tourism Australia is hosting a fully-stocked event next Thursday, May 4th that features a virtual reality tour of the landscape, a photo exhibition of Australia through the eyes of Canadian travelers, and a handful of Aussie travel experts. Plus, show up and you’ll have a chance to win 2 roundtrip tickets to Australia with Air Canada.

Photo credit: @australia

Next week’s one-day event features a virtual reality tour of Australia. Haven’t tried virtual reality yet? Prepare to have your mind blown by the experience - and by what Australia looks like. The country has some of the world’s most glittering coastlines, crystal clear waters and culturally vibrant cities. Seriously, there’s something for everyone in Australia, whether you want to trek the rugged landscape or sit on the beach with a glass of Chardonnay in hand.

Plus, get a chance to talk to Australian travel experts. Every traveler knows that no amount of Googling is as good as one 5-minute conversation with a local. At this event, there will be a handful of travel experts who will tell you about the secret parts of the country you need to see… (And if you want to start your research now, Tourism Australia’s website is the best place to start).

Photo credit: @australia

Get an actual taste of Australian cuisine at this event, too. A flat-white coffee service will take place between 11am-6pm, then a tasting of Australian wines from 6-9pm. Australia makes some of the world’s most celebrated wine, and their brunch game is top notch. This is your chance to find out about the best way to eat your way through the country if that's your preferred way to travel.

Finally, you’ll get to see Australia through the eyes of Canadian travelers. This event doubles as a photo exhibit of all the stunning views of Australia as Canadian photographers have seen it. Let these breath-taking images be the backdrop to your excited conversation about booking your trip. After all, there's nothing like Australia. Just ask anyone who's been.

Photo credit: @australia

So are you convinced that Australia should be next on your list of places to see? If so, make sure you check out this awesome event Tourism Australia is hosting on Thursday, May 4th (from 11 AM – 9 PM) in downtown Toronto at Artscape Sandbox (301 Adelaide St. West).