This Toronto Ice Cream Shop Now Sells Adorable Ice Cream Cones For Your Dog

Treat your furry friend!
This Toronto Ice Cream Shop Now Sells Adorable Ice Cream Cones For Your Dog

Ice cream is a huge part of summer life for us humans. We'll line up for hours for a scoop of the best ice cream in the city, we'll drive an hour out of town to try the newest ice cream sensation, and we'll settle for a store-bought tub when we're craving it in the middle of the night. 

We'll do just about anything to enjoy the refreshing, creamy and sugar-packed treat that is ice cream on a sunny summer night. But what about our furry friends? Dog owners rejoice because the popular Brett's Ice Cream is now selling adorable ice cream cones just for your pups! 

Brett's Ice Cream is located at1698 Queen St East right by Woodbine Park in The Beaches area. This ice cream shop is all about using natural ingredients to make their ice cream so it's completely safe for you dog to eat! 

While their ice cream for humans comes in tons of different flavours and their cones are incredibly colourful, the doggie ice cream cones are simple so that your dog can safely enjoy it. They use a classic sugar cone for the base and a simple vanilla ice cream scoop, then they top it all off with a Milk Bone for you pup to enjoy! 

The doggie ice cream cones only cost $2 each so you definitely won't be breaking the bank to treat your furry friend. Brett's Ice Cream originally meant to release these for one weekend during Woofstock Festival but they did so well they'll be selling them on request/order for the rest of the summer! 

 You can also treat yourself to one of their cake batter cones topped with unique ice cream flavours like banana nutella, wild blueberry lavender, carrot cake, avocado lime sorbet and sooo much more! 

Check out theirwebsite for more information.