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This Toronto Restaurant Should Be On Every Nacho Lovers List

Nacho average restaurant.
This Toronto Restaurant Should Be On Every Nacho Lovers List

Nothing beats having a drink (or six) after a hard day's work, and we are lucky enough to live in a city that's filled with great places to unwind. And if you're like me, you have that one, unique go-to spot that meets all your needs, which makes it easy to forget that there might be other great options just around the corner.  It feels good to get adventurous once in awhile, so I found the perfect new place to put at the top your list.

Whether you’re a nacho addict or someone who’s always down for mind-blowing drinks, Macho Radio Bar is the ultimate spot for a fun time with your friends. Because who doesn’t love a chill spot that combines good music, amazing food, and vibrant Latin-American culture all in one?!


Combining the freshest of ingredients with robust Mexican and American flavours, Macho's awesome shareable menu has fire hot items like Macho Cheese Bites, Salads and Tacos, and larger plates like their Nacho Loco, which comes topped with delicious ingredients like  Mixed Queso, Chipotle Salsa, Cilantro and all the fixins. They also have an impressive line-up of daily food specials (perfect if you're on that budget student lifestyle) like $5 tromba shots and Taco Tuesdays where you get three tacos for $10! Oh, and did I mention their Late Night Menu? It includes items like Tex Mex flatbreads and Pork Shoulder Tacos!! So #blessed for late-night munchies.

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Macho Radio Bar also has a mind-blowing drink menu with everything from refreshing Agua Frescas and frozen Margaritas to pitchers of Sangria and their very own Macho Classics, like the Machojito. They certainly don't fool around when it comes to Tequila with an insane spread of over 30 different types!! And they also offer rail spirits for only $5 starting at 11PM, and have recently introduced a ladies night! So whether you’re a "surprise me" type of person, a serious tequila enthusiast, or simply like to enjoy a nice cold beer, Macho Radio Bar has got something for everyone.


If you're wondering about their digs, their space has a cool, casual feel that combines arcade vibes (think classic games like Pac-Man and Pinball machines) with an upbeat and trendy party atmosphere. They even have a huge, glass-covered patio which is perfect for large groups!


Macho Radio Bar is Toronto’s first ever Radio Bar and is equal parts Cantina and Cocktail bar. So if you’re looking for a exciting spot to head to with your squad, their affordable menu and amazing music is the perfect mash-up for after-work drinks or late night eats. Located right in the middle of CityPlace, it’s super easy to get to, especially if you work downtown (bonus points if you live in CityPlace!).

Stop by Macho Radio Bar's CityPlace location at 92 Fort York Boulevard to fully experience their awesome atmosphere, check out their website for more info and follow them on Facebook  and Instagram!

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