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This Toronto Mansion For Sale Has The Dreamiest Lagoon-Like Indoor Pool (PHOTOS)

It's summer forever in this Toronto spot.

If living in the 6ix has any downside, it might be the weather. While it may be beautiful in the summer, we are often tempted to spend most of the year hiding from the cold. If you're someone who wishes they were always at a tropical destination, then we might have the spot for you. This Toronto home for sale is the perfect place to escape from the winter. 

1420 Stavebank Rd., located in Mississauga, Ontario, is a six-bedroom and 11-bathroom custom-built home that offers over 17,000 square feet of luxurious living space. The house, which overlooks Credit River, has a super cozy-looking interior.

Seriously, it's so rustic that it'll be taking away your winter woes faster than you can say, "this wind hurts my face."

On top of its many eloquent features, this Toronto spot seems almost designed to nullify all your winter blues.

Do you like to cozy up next to a fireplace? Good, this place has multiple. Prefer not exerting yourself? This place has an elevator, so you never have to take the stairs again.

Want to enjoy the house's features, but also have your children to take care of? No problem because this estate also comes with a personal nanny suite.

However, the place's crown jewel is its indoor pool room.

Unlike other indoor pools, this one resembles a magical lagoon. There's even a little bridge that you can wander over to sit on a tiny island. 

On top of that, a spa zone will also allow you to look outside and see winter but feel nothing but warmth and relaxation.

Among the home's other unique features are its smart tech capabilities, wine cellar, wet bar, theatre room, and gym.

With so many luxuries, you'll want to lock yourself away in this beautiful castle-like home and wait for it to be warm outside again.

However, if you're looking for something even more lavish, you should check out this place.

Indoor Oasis

Price: $6,499,850

Address: 1420 Stavebank Rd., Mississauga, ON

Description: The perfect escape from those pesky Canadian winters. 

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