Mira is a Peruvian restaurant in Toronto with a menu flaunting beautiful Peruvian dishes from the head chef at Patria and Byblos. All the ingredients at this restaurant are sourced directly from Peru, and this restobar serves gorgeously-plated Peruvian meals like tostadas, ceviche, and wagyu.

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Mira Restaurant also serves other Peruvian main dishes like Cerdo ($24), which is an pleasant and flavoured suckling pig that is cooked in duck fat, with crispy layers of crackling skin blanketed on top, for bites of tender meat as well as crunchy skin. The Nikkei Atun Cevicha ($19) is one of their classic ceviche dishes, featuring 6 different raw seafoods, doused in Peruvian "tiger's milk," garlic, lime juice and Japanese-inspired yuzu kosho and crunchy rice crisps. Talk about a unique fusion idea!

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But what's really eye-catching at this restaurant is their dessert menu. The El Huevo Malo ($14) is a massive, rich chocolate egg that's broken infront of you at the table, concealing delicious slices of flourless chocolate ranfañote cake, coffee ice cream, yuzu marmalade, chunks of crispy honeycomb, and delectable pink raspberries. You can break the giant egg yourself or your server can do it for you! It is incredibly Instagram worthy.

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They also have an equally extravagant and delicious Mousse de Lucum($11), which is a chocolate shell with lucuma mousse and flavourful passionfruit ice cream inside.

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Mira Restaurant used to be the home of F Stop Nightclub, giving Toronto a bit of a speakeasy vibe. Now, the space has transformed into a high staircase and exuberant greeting of an open kitchen, colourful ingredients and playful banter.

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All their cocktails on their drink menu at Mira are $15, ranging from simplistic Garden Cocktails (coconut-oil infused bitter sake) to their signature Pisco Sours (strawberry with vanilla liqeurs, lime and Peruvian bitters, egg whites)

Mira is located at 420A Wellington St West in Toronto and they are open Monday to Thursday from 5pm until 11pm, Friday and Saturday from 5pm until 12am, and Sundays from 5pm until 11pm.

Please visit their website for more details.