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This Toronto Restaurant Was Named One Of The Top 100 In The World

Toronto is known for it's fun, city atmosphere, for being one of the most multicultural places in the world, and, of course, for having unique and amazing restaurants. Well, it's official that not only is the city home to some of the best food in Canada, a local restaurant was actually named one of the top 100 places to eat in the world.

Alo, located on Spadina, is a French restaurant and cocktail bar in the heart of downtown. It sits in a heritage building on the third floor and has already been recognized as Canada's number one restaurant.

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The restaurant owner and head chef, Patrick Kriss, said that Alo has had their sights set on joining some of the most well-known dining establishments in the world. He was just shocked to find out that they had done it within three years of opening.

Kriss told CTV that Alo differs from other dining experiences in the GTA. "When someone sits down in our restaurant, they’re here for three hours and we do our best to accommodate them and make them feel special," he said.

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Yet ranking among the best in the world is not going to slow Kriss down. He said that Alo will constantly be trying to improve and move up the list, while also looking for new projects to work on.

After recently opening the Aloette Restaurant on the first floor of the same building, Kriss shared that he's got big plans for expanding and creating new places for people to dine in. He's also looking at expanding off of Spadina and into Toronto's Yorkville area.

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Canadian restaurants have not actually held a place in the ranking in 3 years, the last being Joe Beef in 2015. The World's 50 Best Restaurants is prestigious, and winners of the top 50 spots will be announced on June 19th.

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One thing to note about Alo is that due to popularity they actually book meals two months in advance. If you're dying to eat at one of the top places in the world, we recommend you get your September reservations set up now.

Source: CTV

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