Do you ever look at a menu and realize you could probably get full from the appetizers alone? In Toronto, there's a restaurant dedicated to small plates that's perfect for those who prefer variety over a single entrée. It's so good, even Drake brings his crew there.

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416 Snack Bar is a cozy spot that serves culturally-inspired delights in small, shareable plates. The restaurant aims to represent the quality and diversity that characterizes Toronto through its offerings of foods from different ethnic cultures. Jamaican beef patties, Italian Margherita pizzas, Korean fried chicken, Atlantic oysters, Greek souvla and much more can be found on their Snack List.

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The Snack List changes frequently, but everything on it is always a finger food option that can be eaten with hands. Small plates range from $4 to $7 each, while larger platters and food boards can go up to $30 each. This makes the restaurant perfect for bigger groups, since splitting the bill makes the feast all the more affordable for everyone.

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The Snack Bar has some fun rules that aren't meant to be broken:

1. Resos: Because space is so limited, unfortunately we cannot accept reservations.  If you're wondering about booking the place out entirely, we can do so - but only for the entirety of a night's service.  Please hit us up in the inquiries field below.

2. Cutlery: There's literally no cutlery in house for guests.  All of our snacks are made to be eaten with your hands - if you want to share, you might have to be okay with your friend's cooties.  

3. Mod: Because we put out a lotta plates in such a little kitchen, if we took modifications, things would get ugly.  We don't want you to wait a long time, and as such, we respectfully ask for your understanding. 

4. Split Bills: We only split bills when asked upon arrival.  It says so right on the menu, so please don't get mad when we cant divide your 37 items onto 8 separate bills at 9pm on a Friday night.

5. Takeout: We don't do takeout as the food is generally not-so-good cold.  However if you want to bring in tupperwares, order at the bar and have us plate into reusable containers - we won't object! 

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Last but not least, guests can pair their plates with satisfying draft brews or cocktails from their short but sweet alcohol menu.

Visit 416 Snack Bar at: 181 Bathurst St