Man caves are an important component of bro life. All bros need a space of their own where they can escape the unforgiving wrath of daily life. In Toronto, there's a cool spot that suits that very purpose.

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WAbar is a hidden gem located in the heart of K-Town. It's an intimate hangout space equipped with everything a bro needs - a 30-seat bar, large TV screens, beer pong tables and even video game consoles for Street Fighter and Mario Kart sessions. The venue also holds private functions, networking and sporting events. 

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The bar is perfect for an after-work wind-down with friends or colleagues. You'll enjoy great eats that involves a combination of classic pub foods (like wings and grilled meats) and Asian-inspired platters (like sushi and tempura), as well as a wide selection of cheap rail drinks. Asian specialty liquors, from sakes to sojus, are also available.

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At the back of the bar, beer pong tournaments sometimes go on, and they can get wild at times. Needless to say, if you're looking for an epic house-party-type of experience, WAbar is the place to go!

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