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This Toronto Spot Serves Bubble Waffle Pizzas And They Look Delicious

You'll want way more than one pizza these!
This Toronto Spot Serves Bubble Waffle Pizzas And They Look Delicious

Hong Kong waffles haven't been super popular in Canada for long, but they've already taken our country by storm with delicious creations being made every day. Hong Kong waffles are an egg based waffle which creates a fluffy, bubble-y dough that is sweet and delicious! 

The most common way to enjoy a Hong Kong bubble waffle is either on it's own or with ice cream! This is definitely a unique way to enjoy these fluffy waffles, but this Toronto spot called Toast Delight makes savoury pizza waffles that look so delicious! 

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Toast Delight is located at 8339 Kennedy Rd in Markham and it's definitely worth the trek to try it out! They claim this is the first pizza egg waffle to be made in the entire world so you know it's something special. 

Some of the amazing pizzas you can try are pepperoni, black truffle, bacon and 3 cheese, Mac n' Cheese, Hawaiian, Durian, Meat Lovers, Vegetarian, Unagi, Mushroom Medley and more! You can also choose to personalize your pizza with any toppings you want. 

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Savoury egg waffles aren't the only way you can enjoy their Hong Kong specialty here, you can also enjoy sweet dessert waffles too! They make a S'mores dessert waffle, Ube stuffed egg waffles, ice cream waffles, Thai rolled ice cream waffles and more!

All the desserts here are super cute and Instagram-worthy, they even make their ice cream egg waffles to look like little bears! 

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Check out their website for more information.