If you're a huge fan of gelato, and honestly who isn't, this spot is going to be your new favourite! Gelato is a refreshing, sweet, and creamy dessert that was brought to us straight from Italy. It's basically the same as ice cream except it's made with more milk and less cream and eggs. 

Gelato can come in all different flavours but this spot is always trying to create something new, exciting and delicious! Oh and their gelato is served in a swirl like soft serve so it looks seriously adorable. If you were to try all the gelato shops in Toronto we know Bar Ape will be at the top of your list. 

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Bar Ape (pronounced Bar "Ah-Pay") is located at 283 Rushton Rd in the Hillcrest Village area. They use authentic, traditional approaches to making their gelato but they apply them differently to create something unique than other gelato shops. 

They started out in a traveling gelato truck serving gelato bars until they expanded into their new storefront and created their extended menu! Their menu is short and sweet where you can choose from their soft serve gelato, gelato sundae, gelato bars and gelato tubs to go!

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Their unique handcrafted gelato bars come in rotating flavours including coconut almond, chocolate, lemon, pistachio, raspberry, chocolate hazelnut, creamsicle, and coffee. 

Their gelato soft serve is served in a regular cup and they create a new flavour combo every Wednesday depending on the availability of Ontario berries. Some of these include Pistachio/Pomegranate, Fresh Mint/Chocolate, Pumpkin Seed/Pear, Grape/Hazelnut and so many more. 

Their gelato sundaes are a new addition to the menu but are already a huge hit. They combine their Fior de Latte (sweet milk) with a rotation of changing toppings and one of the gelato flavours being served that week. 

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Check out their website for more information and for a full list of their Summer 2018 flavours to come!