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This Toronto Subway Map Will Show You How Much Rent Costs By Each Station

I'm sure everyone is well aware how pricey it is to live in Toronto, especially when it comes to real estate expenses. According, the cost of renting a two-bedroom apartment per month has sky rocketed from $1,288 to $1,450 in less than a year (December 2015-September 2016.)

A good way of identifying which parts of the city have the most expensive rent, is by referring to the TTC Subway map. To help you understand the prices of rent in Toronto,  Sky View Suites released a TTC map which provides information listing an approximate cost of monthly rent for 1 and 2 bedroom apartments around each subway station in Toronto.

The cheapest rent for a 1 bedroom apartment is around Victoria Park subway station, ($900 - $1,000 per month) while the priciest rent for a 1 bedroom is at St.George and St. Andrews stations ($1,900 to $2,000.)

To help you have a better understanding of rent cost in the city and figure out if you can afford to rent a condo, take a look at this Toronto Rent TTC Map that might make a difference in your choice of area to reside in Toronto:

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