If your favourite foods include tacos and burritos, we just found your new favourite restaurant. Hotmess Tex Mex is a relatively new spot in Little Italy that's already got people talking. 

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For those who don't know, Tex-Mex is a fusion of American and Mexican cuisine. The menu at Hot Mess is made up of Tex Mex classics, each with a unique spin. 

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Their brunch menu is comprised of egg-based dishes like the delicious Huevos Divorciados, topped with ranchero sauce, avocado crema, beans, pico de gallo and served on a sourdough tortilla. 

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Hot Mess does their own take on the famous Green Chile burger, topping it with  roasted poblanos, fried onions, Monterey Jack, bacon mayo, and a sunny side up egg. 

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And of course, there are tacos. 

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The decor is appropriately kitschy, complete with vintage menus, bull-horns and lit up beer signs. A TV at the back of the restaurant even plays the TV classic Dukes of Hazzard on a loop.  

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Hotmess Tex Mex is located at 615 College St