On March 13th a shocking video surfaced on YouTube. Uploaded by the channel Rap Boyz, it showed an incident that happened at a local McDonald's at Queen and Church Street in downtown Toronto.

Video footage shows a woman attempting to rob the fast food restaurant and getting aggressive with the staff. From the start of the video we can see the woman ripping things off of the cash register area; then demanding that the staff give her all the money that they have in the register.

She then goes behind the counter and aggressively yells at the staff to open the register. Next, she demands the key to open the locked cash drawer. From the video you can tell that the staff and patrons are all shocked, nervous and anxious for what's happening in the eatery.

Via Rap Boyz

The woman, who at this point has yet to be stopped, proceeds to kick the cash register loose and moves to leave the restaurant. While on her way out she's stopped by one of the diners in the place and physically restrained.

Around the 3 minute mark on the video emergency services shows up and jump into it. The woman is cuffed by police officers all while yelling "take me to jail, I love jail."

While there's no marked date on when the incident happened, the poster let watcher know that the footage was of a person destroying the Queen and Church St. McDonald's. From what we can see, no one was harmed during the attempted robbery.

The footage is definitely disturbing to watch, but it's a good reminder to your service workers - you really just never know what kind of shit they've had to deal with that day.