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Round Trip Flights From Toronto To Amsterdam Are On Sale For Just $537

If you've ever wanted to escape to a European city and pretend like your real life doesn't exist for a couple of weeks... or months, don't worry we've all been there. But now you can make this dream a reality because escaping to Amsterdam isn't too expensive! 

You can book a trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands for just $537 CAD round trip right now which is actually a really great deal! These discounted seats are being offered on TAP Portugal Airlines but you better get there fast, because this deal won't be around for long. ✈️

This deal is being offered for January and February 2020 which gives you a decent amount of time to save up and get ready to make this trip your best ever. You can escape the frigid Toronto winter and bike along the canals of Amsterdam instead! Even though it won't be super warm there either, it'll still be positive temperatures which we'd take over -20 degrees any day. 

All you have to do to get this deal is head over to Skyscanner and choose flights between Toronto, Canada and Amsterdam, Netherlands. There are tons of dates that offer this great deal for pretty much all of January and February but you can try January 13th-20th, January 18th-29th, January 25th-February 5th, January 27th-February 10th, February 1st-12th, February 3rd-17th, and more!

The flights are 12 hours there with one 2 hour connection in Lisbon, Portugal. The flight back is just under 14 hours with the same layover in Lisbon.

Check out Skyscanner to book your flight! 

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