Fall is one of the best times of the year in Ontario. The changing colours, the crisp Canadian air and the line-up of upcoming holidays makes it a season to look forward to.

Of the several ways to enjoy the fall in the province, one attraction is an absolute must-try for locals and tourists alike. The Agawa Canyon Tour Train is an scenic, multi-night journey through the heart of Ontario's wilderness. Travelling 114 miles north of Sault Ste. Marie, the train ride takes you through the thick of colourful mixed forests, past gorgeous blue lakes and over towering trestles and bridges.

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The train is equipped with everything you need to have a complete sightseeing experience. Large windows look out into the same landscapes that inspired the famous Group of Seven, while a GPS-triggered commentary and flat screen monitors in each coach tells the tale of each major region the train passes through.

The train is destined for Agawa Canyon, one of Ontario's most prized natural wonders. There, passengers will have the opportunity to hop off the train and explore the surrounding area, which consists of a beautiful Canyon Park, a collection of waterfalls, several hiking trails and a breathtaking lookout point perched 250 above ground level.

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Different packages are offered by the company, including 2- and 3-night options. Each includes a train ticket, accommodations in Sault Ste. Marie, and an attraction passbook which includes admissions coupons to several museums and heritage sites in the Algoma region. Multi-night packages start at just $176, and single-day tickets are $109.73 + HST per adult.

For more information, visit the Agawa Canyon Train Tour website.