This Travel Bucket List For 2017 Was Made By Canadians And It's Seriously Amazing

Fulfill your wanderlust.
This Travel Bucket List For 2017 Was Made By Canadians And It's Seriously Amazing

Canadians have a pretty bad case of wanderlust. But that's not a bad thing - with so much to see in the world, who wouldn't want to explore it all?

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Contiki, a travel company for millenials, recently released their "No Regrets" travel list, which ranked the top places in the world that Canadians want to travel to in 2017 based on survey responses. One might think that Canadians are more inclined to visit locations with hotter climates, since they deal with cold weather for the majority of the year. But an overwhelming number actually voted Iceland as their top travel wish, putting it at the #1 spot on the list.

The rest of the list looks pretty stellar too. Take a look for yourself:

Photo cred - contiki

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