Winter is finally here, and judging by our recent weather reports it looks like it's here to stay!  Which means we all need to start taking advantage of the beautiful blanket of snow that has been draped across Ontario.  For those of you looking to fully embrace this Ontario winter, why not do some exploring this holiday season?

We have found the ideal destination for your next winter adventure, and you might want to book it quickly.  Ontario is home to a beautiful snow covered treehouse, and it has easily crept its way to the top of our Airbnb wishlist.

This treehouse is located in the Georgian Bluffs, surrounded by green spaces and forests. The treehouse itself has been constructed using recycled pine, oak, and cedar lumber. The treehouse is extremely private, making it the perfect place to unwind and unplug.  This ultra unique holiday rental goes for $379 per night.

If you continue along a short path you will be able to have access a to log sauna, shower building, outdoor living room. Yes, that's correct a SUANA! After you're done relaxing you'll also be able to explore the nearby water front, as well as the hidden caves in The Bruce Peninsula.

So, if you're looking to escape this winter, this might just be the perfect mini vacation opportunity for you!

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