This Tropical Tiki Bar Is A Little Slice Of Hawaii In Toronto

Huli pau!
This Tropical Tiki Bar Is A Little Slice Of Hawaii In Toronto

In Toronto, taking a break from the city doesn't require packing a bag or booking a flight. It's as simple as heading over to Parkdale in a Hawaiian shirt; to one bar that has the uncanny ability to transport you to a tropical place in Polynesia.

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The Shameful Tiki Room is one of the few places in the city that offers a great Tiki experience. It's an extension of another location in Vancouver that features amazing exotic drinks, platters and decor characteristic of vintage South Pacific traditions.

Owners Rod Moore and Alana Nogueda have proven that they have an excellent grasp of the art of escapism. Together, they created a space that would make their visitors forget about the concrete jungle just outside of its walls. Tropical plants, bamboo, wicker furniture and unique finishings like wooden masks and pufferfish lamps fill the room and give off major Hawaiian vibes. 

The food and drink offerings don't disappoint, either - its slew of vintage cocktails, from classic Mai Tais to the rum-infused Jungle Bird, are perfect for a weekday wind down. Groups in particular will enjoy options like the Mystery Bowl, a concotion of unknown components that is rightfully served upon the sound of a gong.

Polynesian dishes also help complete the experience, with amazing recreations like Spam fried rice, tuna poke, Luau sliders, and Humuhumunukunukuapua tacos.

You can visit The Shameful Tiki Room at: 1378 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON