Toronto's hidden bar and restaurant scene is starting to blow up right now. I mean, who doesn't love a hidden passageway, unmarked door or lantern-lit alley that leads you to a secret oasis that barely anyone else knows about? 

That sounds almost irresistible doesn't it? Well, there's a brand new bar that just opened up in Toronto that is being added to the city's growing collection of secret spots. SoSo Food Club is an all new bar, dance spot and Chinese snack bar all rolled into one. 

It's hidden inside an unmarked storefront that's painted bright turquoise so you can't miss it, although you'll have to know it's there to find it. 

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SoSo Food Club is located at 1166 Dundas W near Toronto's Little Portugal area. This super cool spot serves some amazing Chinese style plates until 10pm every night. They also have a menu full of delicious drinks to try as well as DJs that play in their dance floor area. 

The space is decorated with pink and blue neon lights to give the space a soft, mysterious glow. The interior is decked out withe retro-style furniture to fit in with the hip vibe. 

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Their awesome menu consists of dandan noodles, dumplings, hot and sour fish, lobster mapo tofu, Sichuan chicken and soooo much more! They serve regional dishes all made in-house with their own unique twist and style to them. 

Their drinks menu consists of a whole lot of wine, local beer and crafted cocktails and unique spirits that go perfectly with your meal! They also have a dance floor that will be hosting some talented musicians and can be rented out for events. 

Their opening night celebration was this past Saturday and it was a huge hit! They're closed Mondays and Tuesdays but are open Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 5pm-12am and Friday and Saturday from 5pm-2am! You can also reach them by email to book a reservation for groups of 7 or larger. 

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Check out their website for more information.