You’re never supposed to step out into traffic. Legally you aren’t actually supposed to cross the street except at a designated intersection or crosswalk. 

Strictly speaking in most cases it’s your fault if you step into traffic and get hit. But what the vehicle you get hit by wasn’t even allowed in the lane you get hit in? 

That’s the debate raging on a Reddit post right now after video shows a man getting hit by what appears to be an Uber Eats driver.  

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In the video, you can clearly see a man and what appears to be his 2 friends step out into the road. 

The man then gets hit by someone who appears to be an Uber eats driver riding what appears to be a motorized bike of some sort in the bike lane. 

Motorized bike over a certain size are not allowed in the bike lane. 

So this begs the question, who is really at fault here? 

Some were quick to jump on the fact that if the man had looked at his surroundings a little better he would have seen the person on the motorized bike and wouldn’t have gotten hit at all.  



Others say that the collision between the two wouldn’t have happened if the person on the motorized bike had been in the proper lane.   

They also point out that a motorized bike can do a lot more harm to a person than a normal everyday bike.


Feel free to watch the video below and pick a side.