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This Video Shows That The King Street Pilot Project Is A Total Failure

The King Street pilot project, which restricts cars and other vehicles on King Street, has been running for quite some time now and everyone seems to be divided about it.

Some think it's great for the people who take the streetcar. However, businesses say it has led to a drop in the number of customers at their stores and car drivers say it's been inconveniencing them by forcing them to go out of their way

Some people seem so upset with the whole thing that they’re ignoring the rules completely at this point as a video posted on twitter recently shows.   

Let’s talk about the rules of the road in Toronto and the absolute lack of their enforcement. This has gotten beyond ridiculous. @Torontopolice can we do whatever the hell we want on the road? Because that’s what it looks like. This is embarrassing. #KingStreetPilot @joe_cressy

April 1, 2018

In the video, which you can see in the tweet above, shows the corner of King Street West and Peter Street where numerous cars can be seen driving straight through the intersection where cars are not allowed.  

@ttcinstaembedded via  

One driver even goes through the intersection right in front of a police car and does not appeared to be punished for it in anyway whatsoever. Other cars can be seen making clearly illegal left hand turns as well.  

@ttcinstaembedded via  

When the project started Toronto police cracked down on drivers who didn’t obey the rules but have backed off their enforcement since then.

Now obviously the police can’t be there all the time to stop people from breaking the law, that would be ridiculous.  

@ttcinstaembedded via  

But, basically everyone in this video is breaking the law in way or another really and when even the cops there don’t do anything about it you have to wonder how long the project on King Street will last.

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