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This Waterfront Spot Near Toronto Is Perfect For Your Next Getaway

Grab your friends and prepare for an awesome time.

It's totally true that Toronto is highkey one of the best cities in Canada, bar none... but it's also true that, sometimes, we all need to unplug a little bit. The hustle and bustle of Toronto's city life is awesome, but let's be real, everyone needs to recharge their batteries every once in awhile.

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Plus, there's something super magical about kicking back somewhere by the water, soaking in the good vibes, and just straight-up enjoying life. And if you can find a spot with minimal travel involved? Well, that's a win-win situation right there.

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One spot super close to Toronto happens to hit all these marks and more: the Ramada Jacksons Point Resort, is literally located right on Lake Simcoe.

Not only is the Ramada Jacksons Point Resort about an hour drive (!) out of Toronto, but it'll make all of your staycation goals come to life.

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First of all, this super modern resort has undergone a multi-million dollar renovation. It even has four acres of waterfront property, 100% available for guests to use. So, whether you want to dust off your wakeboarding & kayaking equipment, go swimming, or chill by the water (who doesn't, TBH?), the Ramada Jacksons Point Resort has totally got you covered. You can even rent sea-doos for you and your friends!

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And if living in the lap of luxury is more your thing, then no worries. They've got your back there, too: the Ramada Jacksons Point Resort has got a spa built right into the resort. Relax, get a facial, get a massage, get a pedicure - whatever you need to do to #treatyoself and live your best life. The Ramada Jacksons Point Resort's got you; and with their totally renovated and modern rooms, staying the night after a long day of pampering is basically a no-brainer!

Via Ramada Jacksons Point

Via Ramada Jacksons Point

Did I mention the food?! The Ramada Jacksons Point Resort has got you covered when it comes to delicious cuisine. Make sure to check out the Double U resto + bar which has a casual rustic home vibe and is based on family recipes that will leave you wanting more. They've got everything from snacks to even their own burger!

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Not only is the Ramada Jacksons Point the perfect spot for a weekend escape, it also happens to host a whole bunch of private and corporate events, too. (Ps: Looking for a waterfront wedding venue? They got you covered!)

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So you can pretty much do anything at this super modern, renovated, lakeside resort! From catching up on some serious r&r with friends, to hosting weddings, and anything in between; the Ramada Jacksons Point Resort is one of the most fun, relaxing places you can check out to truly enjoy your getaway from the city life!

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To book your stay at this glorious, super close resort, you can check out the Ramada Jacksons Point Resort on their website, Instagram or Facebook page!