As you’ve likely heard by now it is going to be absolutely scorching hot this long weekend with temperatures in the high 30’s.

Which means really you should just stay in and not go outside but sometimes that’s unavoidable.

The heat is actually going to be so bad that if you have to take the GO train this weekend you’ll probably be standing on the platform in it longer than usual waiting for a train. 

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Now how can it being almost 40 degrees slow down a train you’re probably wondering, sure it’s hot but how can that possibly affect a trains ability to travel?

It’s not the train itself the heat affects, but the rails the trains run on.

The kind of extreme heat expected this weekend is so hot that it can actually buckle and warp the tracks, which forces the trains to travel slower for safety reasons. 

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Nothing would ruin anyones long weekend more than having their train derail.

On average Metrolinx expects that people will be waiting an average of 5 to 10 minutes longer for their trains because of the heat this weekend.  

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Metrolix hopes that people waiting for their trains practice patience in the heat, meaning just because you have to wait on the tracks for a little bit longer doesn’t mean you should get mad at any GO employees.

They’re just as unhappy to be standing in the heat as you. 

Source: CP24