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This Wildlife Refuge Centre In Ontario Is Looking For Volunteers To Feed Baby Orphan Animals

The shelter treats baby moose, bears, raccoons, bunnies and everything in between!
This Wildlife Refuge Centre In Ontario Is Looking For Volunteers To Feed Baby Orphan Animals

If your new year's resolution was to do more charity work, the perfect opportunity that combines meaningful volunteering and adorable animals has appeared just in time! To make matters even more exciting, it isn't hard to get involved and the shelter looking for volunteers right at this very moment.

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While winter has only just begun, Wild at Heart Refuge Centre has already started preparing for spring. The reason that the Sudbury-based shelter has to go to extreme lengths early on before the season is because of newcomers. By newcomers, we're talking about newborn animals that will be arriving in March and early April. 

Of course, baby animals eat a lot of food and the shelter is looking towards Ontarians to help with donations when it comes to preparation. Right now the shelter is currently looking for small appliance donations such as kettles, blenders and hand-held mixers. The appliances will be used to make food for animals as small as baby birds to ones as big as baby moose calves. 

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They aren't just looking for appliances though, as they also need some extra hands on deck. According to Dr. Rob Jouppi who works with the shelter, the spring season involves a "tremendous amount of labour and physical work" where "volunteers are essential." Volunteers are especially crucial because, during the busy spring season, many workers are providing around the clock care for the newborn animals. 

The non-profit organization has helped treat over 900 animals ranging from all sorts of wildlife. If volunteering isn't for you, you can still help out by donating to the organization, where the proceeds go towards helping the orphaned or injured animals that are brought in to be rehabilitated.

To learn more about the volunteering opportunity you can visit Wild at Heart's website here. To donate to the centre you can do so by clicking here

*Cover photo used for illustrative purposes. 

Source: CBC News 

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