Ever wondered how you'd fare in a zombie apocalypse? In Ontario, you'll have the chance to test your courage, wits, and survival skills in a park teeming with the undead.

Bingemans Screampark in Kitchener is a yearly attraction that opens every October during Halloween season. It's an all-around horror park that is apparently so scary that the company discourages individuals who are pregnant, claustrophobic or have heart problems from engaging in any of the park activities. 

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The Scream Team staff takes much pride in creating the world of horror. Shaky ground, uneven paths, offset stairs and crawling areas are set up throughout the venue. Strobe lights, fog and smoke machines also add to the frightening atmosphere.

The park features several highly entertaining attractions. You can explore haunted houses, take a chilling stroll through the Carnival of Souls, weave through a Phobia Maze flooded with 8-legged spiders, snakes and porcelain dolls, and even go a mysterious ride that they claim will be the last of your life...

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But the coolest attraction at the park has to be the Ontario Zombie Outbreak. Brave survivors will be part of a Special Task Force Mission to reclaim a destroyed city overtaken by zombies.

Ammunition is in short supply so only 50 rounds are available to each person. You'll have to make each round count, as the zombies are on the loose looking for their next prey.

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Zombie hunters will climb aboard an authentic military truck fitted with 8 modified M98 weapons systems and hi-power LED zombie tracking lights. For a 1-km ride, gunners will try to eliminate as many zombies that come toward them as possible. The zombies don't shoot back, but they may taunt you.

All-inclusive passes, which give visitors access to every attraction at the park, go for $25 per person. Paintball Zombie Hunt will be open on Oct 12, 14, 20, 21, 27 and 28 this year from 8 pm to 11 pm. 

You can buy tickets to Bingemans Screampark here. Happy hunting!