University is a weird place. For most people, it's the first time they're living on their own and some people have no idea what to do with all that freedom. You'll meet every type of person at university; the people that seem like they finally got let out of the cage (usually at the club) to the ones that are totally self sufficient and seem like they've been setting up their wifi ever since their days in their OG crib.

No matter what kind of person you were at university we can all agree on this; it's weird to come home after being completely independent for the better part of the year. Here are the thoughts we know we've had coming back.

1. "What's a curfew?"

2. "Wait I don't have to all. SO. MUCH. FREE. TIME. "

3. "Is this what meat is actually supposed to taste like?"

4. "Why don't I recognize 99 percent of the people walking by? OH I think that guy was in my lectu- never mind."

5. "That guy's wearing a Queen's t-shirt CHA GAEL I should totally go talk to him!"

6. "Why don't I know anyone at this bar? Who are all these people?"

7. "Wait what do you mean I can't use my meal plan here?"


9. "LOL I have absolutely no money."

10. "My parents just don't get that I'm like totally and independent adult now! Why do I have to them everything I'm doing?!!"

11. "I wonder if mom will give me 20 dollars for dinner."

12. "UGH I'll get a job soon mom! Stop nagging me!"

13. *looks at one job listing* "This is too complicated, there's just no jobs."

14. "Where's the cafeteria ladies who take my plate?"

15. "What if I run into my ex....."

16. "Why do all my friends live so FAR."

17. "At least I can borrow my sister's clothes again."

18. "Ya so I'm never leaving my dog again, ever."

19. "I think I kind of miss studying.....what's happening to me."

20. "No way I looked THAT young in high school."

21. "Bless this home cooking I'm eating like a fucking king."